BOB Programme for Youth and Adults


BOB Programme for Youth and Adults

Our BOB Programme (Beste Opgepaste Baba/Best Cared For Baby) is facilitated by Youth Workers and is aimed at Grade 6 – 7 learners and Out-of-School youth from age 19yrs and older.
Experiential Learning is about learning certain skills through taking part in activities. Basic knowledge about Fetal Alcohol Syndrome can be passed on to people through this model very effectively, as well as certain life-skills, for instance respect for yourself and others, honesty, etc.

Participants obtain the following knowledge and life skills

  • Activity-based learning of the obstacles a child or adult with FAS experiences daily.
  • How can I, as an individual, take the FAS-message further to my community and be an active change agent?
  • Building of a positive self-esteem. Emphasize the concepts of ‘I can”, and the making of the correct choices in life.
  • The BOB-programme continuously makes use of the closing of contracts and pledges so that the contents of the programme can be reinforced.

Participants are equipped with all the following that allow them to take the FAS message back into their community to extend the shelve-life of the programme beyond the training days:

FAS-Awareness literature
FAS-Awareness T-shirts, caps & wristbands
FAS-Awareness posters & poster frames for display in schools and community buildings

The programme is presented by 2 x Youth Workers (1 male and 1 female) that co-present the programme to meet the programmatic needs of both genders. Youth workers are equipped with all the appropriate training equipment and materials.

Programme Duration

This programme duration and size of the group is adjusted for each focus group

In-School Youth

  • Timeframe: 12 Months
  • 9 Modules
  • 30 – 45 minutes per module
  • 16 learners per group
  • Modules 1 – 7, Grade 6 learners over a four-month period
  • Modules 8 – 9 are presented the following year over a two-month period to grade 7 learners

Out-of-School Youth

  • Timeframe: 12 Months
  • 3 Modules
  • 1 hour 30 minutes per module
  • 40 youth per group
  • Modules 1 – 3 over a two to three- month period